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Our experience suggests that many small-medium businesses only ever see their accountant or tax agent once a year, and even this can sometimes be purely focused on 'compliance' issues, rather than assistance to build your business. Many small business operators therefore find it difficult to get help with:
  • strategy and business planning;
  • marketing, including market segmentation and analysis;
  • recruitment;
  • policy and procedure development;
  • loan applications;
  • effectively managing their business.

Large businesses of course, have a range of advisors to assist them with all of the above, and more.

Phase III offers a range of business-related services designed to meet this deficiency. The services are grouped under three core competency areas, namely:

Services including accounts set-up, general ledger reconciliations, bank reconciliations, fixed asset registers, bookkeeping through to accounts preparation for both monthly and annual reporting.

Management Consulting
A broad range of services, provided through Phase III and several of its trusted associates. Services include strategic and business planning, modelling, property investment assistance, recruitment, policy & procedure development and capital expenditure evaluation.

Preparation and assistance with a range of taxes, including income tax (IT), goods & services tax (GST), fringe benefits tax (FBT), pay as you go (PAYG) and capital gains tax (CGT).

Under each heading you will find the specific services we offer to assist you with your business or wealth creation activities.



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