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Our download page provides easy access to a number of tools, checklists and forms that can assist individuals and businesses better manage their personal and business accounting and tax obligations. Documents available for download are:

If you are a teacher it is possible you are entitled to a range of  income tax deductions. If you want to have a go at preparing your own tax return, you should be aware that the ATO produces a "Occupational Ruling" for teachers that sets out what teachers can and cannot claim in their tax returns. If you'd like a copy of this FREE document, contact us and we will send you one. 

If you'd prefer us to prepare your return, contact us and we'd be delighted to assist and lodge your return electronically. Electronically lodged returns usually receive refunds within 14 days.

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Investment Property Checklist 
Thinking of buying an investment/rental property ? In addition to having variety of research materials, we have produced a Property Checklist for assisting property purchasers before they purchase a property. 

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Investment Property Worksheet
Do you have an investment property and need some help in managing the financial aspects? Well, at Phase III we developed a simple worksheet that helps you to summarise your investment property income and expenses and meet your income tax obligations. 

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Establishing A Business
Thinking about establishing a business ? This detailed checklist will help you think about a range of issues you may otherwise have overlooked. Given that the statistics show that 70% of business fail within the first 10 years and about 50% fail within the first 3 years - this document may be very valuable to you!

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2003-2004 Pocket Tax Guide

This handy guide provides quick reference to current tax tables, FBT rates, rebates and other useful tax information. Keep it in your bag or diary for quick reference and easy reference.

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Business Planning
Have a business up and running but need some help to get some direction? The process of developing a business plan can make you think through a range of business issues that will significantly improve your businesses chance of success and growth. In addition, many financial institutions require a business plan before they will lend money or provide any form of financial facility. This document will help explain what a business plan is and what typically goes into one.

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Make an effort to understand your tax return - tax is possibly your single biggest expense! 

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